Equity Board

Transaction Performance – Efficiently deliver mid-cap M&A transactions


EquityBoard is an independent platform and network of SME-oriented accountants, auditors and lawyers for the effective placement of equity participations in the mid cap market.


EquityBoard solves three common problems for buyers and sellers of small and medium-sized enterprises: market intransparency, illiquidity and inefficiency. Within this segment, on the one hand there is an immense opportunity for significant value creation by bringing together the most appropriate partners, by systematical controlling of the transaction process and by providing consistent integration after the acquisition. On the other hand, usually the transaction volumes are too small to afford complex transaction support or consulting like in large transactions.


Customers of EquityBoard are enterprises seeking to sell their businesses, to fund new projects for growth or to strengthen the equity base of their business. We offer, together with our EquityBoard partners, effective transaction support in realizing maximum synergies at lower transaction costs.